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Future Bible Student Studies

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Due to the limits placed on us by the pandemic, I am trying to find a creative way to connect and teach students. Next week I will begin posting videos to my Youtube channel. These will be teaching videos from Scripture. I will also work to post them on my website as well.

We will also begin filming in TEKNON on Sunday Mornings with our children. We will use toys and puppets to tell stories from the Bible. Your children will be directors, actors, editors, and producers as we learn and teach together. There will be permission forms to fill out for those children who wish to participate. We will not use their image, but their voice and hands as they control toys and puppets. If parents are uncomfortable with they, children can opt out of their voice or hands being used in the videos.

This will be a creative opportunity to teach the children who attend and provide them opportunities to teach what they are learning in creative ways. These videos will all be viewable on my YouTube channel.

I am looking forward to teaching in creative ways. I believe this is an opportunity for us to grow in our education of Scripture and personal Spiritual growth.

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