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Freedom For One to Honor All

We are given the freedom as individuals to honor everyone. We find value where the world doesn’t. Our forefathers fought for the freedom to see value in everyone, honor their differences, and seize every opportunity afforded us. When everyone is valued, opportunity can flourish.

Freedom to love, freedom to value someone for who they are, beyond the outside stuff is American. “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore." The poem on the statue of liberty is the message we communicated to the world. It was an artist's interpretation of America. We communicated that heart to the world, at that time.

We are America.

We love the underdog (undervalued). Because that's what America is built on. We are the undervalued. Our ancestors found a place that valued them and built the greatest nation on earth based on this principle. Our forefathers forged a nation that found value in the "wretched refuse" of the world. It has been the greatest experiment in history.

Calamity comes when we no longer see value in one another. We become like every other country in the world. When we unite, value one another and honor our differences we will change the world.

Governments need to label people. Societies assign class systems, labels that dehumanize others. Governments and Societies tell us who to talk to, do business with, and what normal looks like. The American Republic broke those chains, allowing us the freedom to assign value to everyone. That's freedom. Democracy is only a vote, the Republic is an ideal. It's not majority wins, but value wins and we are to honor that value.

We can’t depend on Facebook or anyone to sensor what we see. We must stand firm in what makes us American, value your neighbor, honor our differences, and seize the opportunities. We are free to value others regardless of class, race, gender, or culture. We have the freedom to choose the underdog (undervalued) and watch them succeed.

Fred Rogers of "Mr. Roger's Neighborhood" taught us to value everyone. "I love you just as you are." He taught, as Christ did, everyone has value. Everyone is special in their own way. I am free to love, I am free to give, I am free to honor others in spite of our differences.

Regardless of the sensational propaganda, when we find value in others we are able to succeed as a nation. I believe America has fought for the undervalued. America has fought for the freedom of the individual to honor the undervalued.When we do that, no amount of misinformation can tear us apart. Here’s to the underdog, I choose the freedom of one to honor all.

I pray for our nation

I pray for you

I love you just the way your are

May you see value in everyone

May you have the patience and mercy to honor other's differences

God Bless America

In His service and yours,


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