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Joshua David McVey

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Music is magic. After losing her mother, Sarah is visited by an estranged great aunt and her bird named Arny. She discovers the notes she sees when singing are unique and full of magic. But Sarah has not been able to speak since her mother passed. Her friend Ashley and the snaggled-tooth bully named Justin meet Kokopelli and are awakened in another world. Lost and separated, the three must find one another again to return home. They will find music has always contained magic and will learn how to use it against the darkness that corrupts its resonance to destroy the fabric of reality.


Joshua David McVey is an ordained minister with a Bachelor's degree in Biblical Literature and M.A. in Communication. He teaches youth and children at his local church and is the Vice President of Student Affairs at Mesalands Community College

Joshua challenges us to repent and see the world through the eyes of the Spirit. Renewed Vision is a collection of Joshua's writings as he travels through scripture with a new understanding. Be transformed with the renewing of your minds, allow the Spirit to renew your vision, and change the world.

The humanities have been an integral part of humanity’s cultural structure for centuries. In this book, a number of leading scholars reflect on the past, present and offer their perspectives for the future of the humanities.

It's difficult living out the Gospel in real life. Choices can be difficult to make. You should know, God has redeemed everything to free us from hell. There is hope. Your Brightest Tomorrow is a collection of articles written by Joshua David McVey meant to inspire, encourage, and challenge.

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I love the way this book is straight and to the point on what the author is thinking. It really hit the nail on the head for me and my views. I have had many problems with churches and other Christians in the past and this book helps heal faith and shows that you and your relationship with God is a personal relationship. Thank you to the author for helping solidify my relationship and faith. I hope everyone who reads this gets the same if not better understanding of their relationship with God as I have.

Amazon Review

Renewed Vision

I really enjoyed how this writer took us on a journey through his own struggles with faith and helped us to find our own solutions.


Renewed Vision

This was very insightful and helpful.  I can't wait to read more.


Your Brightest Tomorrow

Joshua David McVey

Join the Reader's Club and be the first to read exclusive short stories and articles. 

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