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Joshua David McVey

Author | Pastor | Professor

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You should know, God has redeemed everything to free us from hell.


There is hope.

About the Author


Thank you for visiting and taking the time to read. My name is Joshua. I created this website to connect with you. I enjoy teaching Scripture in a way that connects with everyone. I didn't always feel like I belonged in church, it took me several years to understand what God wanted of me and love The Church. I continue to pursue  faithfulness; I have met many who have felt the same way.  So, I created a place to ask, discover, and eventually understand God's plan. You don't just belong, you are chosen.

God is mysterious and obvious. He invites, he doesn't bully or demand. I invite you to connect. I am learning, but have experience I am happy to share.  What's more, I want to pray for you. I do my best to share my joy in the Kingdom and some hard-nock lessons I have learned along the way. I pray you are blessed by what you find here, above all I pray God is glorified. I am His servant, ambassador, and student. "With man it's impossible, but with God anything is possible.


Joshua holds a Bachelors degree in Biblical Literature and a Master of Arts in Communication. He has been an ordained minister over twenty years in the Restoration Movement. He spent over 10 years in professional ministry.


Josh has written two books and contributed a chapter in a Humanities textbook published by Nova Science edited by Dr. Shaughnessy (Humanities: Past, Present and Future). Both books (Your Brightest Tomorrow | Renewed Vision) are collections  of devotionals designed to inspire and encourage thought. 


He hosts and produces a podcast called "Here Am I" in an effort to teach the healing power of Scripture. The nature of the Kingdom flows in the direction of creation while our cursed nature fights against the current creating hell for ourselves and others. Healing is found in the tree of life.  A tree planted firmly in Christ. Life is only found in the teachings of Jesus. A sacrificial love patterned after the example of Christ. 

Joshua has chaired multiple community boards on marketing. His work has encompassed many different venues and marketing opportunities. He has led conventions at the state level and presided over several conferences. 

He is currently the Vice President of Public Relations/Marketing, Strategic Enrollment, Transfer Center and the University Center at Mesalands College.

Josh's passion is to show how Faith connects to life in everyday decisions. Life is a summation of our choices and decisions. Jesus offers life to the fullest when we stay connected to His teaching. "Remain in me and I will remain in you (John 15:4)." Jesus offers life through putting ourselves second in all things. We have a choice today to live life abundantly or in hell, all based on our choices. We may choose to bring the Kingdom of God by rebelling against the flesh and finding value in others. 

Joshua David McVey

Author | Pastor | Professor


Live | Learn | Love




Joshua writes on Christian Topics, Communication, and Fictional Stories

Author's Work

The Author's Work

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Projects outside of writing. A brief portfolio of Joshua's work

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Joshua writes a weekly blog to encourage and inspire

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