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Joshua David McVey

Author | Pastor | Professor

About the Author

Josh holds a Bachelors degree in Biblical Literature and a Master of Arts in Communication. He has been an ordained minister over eighteen years in the Restoration Movement. He spent over 10 years in professional ministry.


Josh has written two books and contributed a chapter in a Humanities textbook published by Nova Science edited by Dr. Shaughnessy (Humanities: Past, Present and Future). Both books (Your Brightest Tomorrow | Renewed Vision) are collections  of devotionals designed to inspire. 


He hosts a podcast called "Here Am I" in an effort to teach the healing power of Scripture. The nature of the Kingdom flows in the direction of creation while our cursed nature fights against the current creating hell for ourselves and others. Healing is found in the tree of life.  A tree planted firmly in Christ. Life is only found in the teachings of Jesus. A sacrificial love patterned after the example of Christ. 

Josh has chaired multiple community boards on marketing. His work has encompassed many different venues and marketing opportunities. He has led conventions at the state level and presided over several conferences. 

He is currently Director of Public Relations and Professor of Communication.

Joshua David McVey

Author | Pastor | Professor

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Joshua writes on Christian Topics, Communication, and Fictional Stories


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